440 Style Fencing

440 Style Fencing In Front Of Home - West Linn

The 440 fence style is extremely popular on cattle farms and horse ranches. This very durable horsing fence has been taking the fencing industry by storm in areas outside of the city. This fence is manufactured from new steel and has a galvanized powder coat that seals the fence and prevents rust from creeping in. This gives, what is also known as the horse fence, a great new look for many years to come.

This type of fence is one of the best fences you can set up for you and for the future of your property. It is very low maintenance and will more than likely last you 30+ years. Aesthetically pleasing fences will increase the value of your stable and your property. If selling off your land in the future is a possibility then this will help keep that resale value you will want.

If you have any additional questions such as the heights we build these fences and when we can get you on the schedule, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We help give you an exact price too so you can get an idea of what to expect. Price is determined by materials, terrain and man hours. Call us for fencing Portland today!