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Custom gates are definitely up our alley and something we take great pride in. If you have been toying with the idea of adding a gate to the entrance of your property, feel free to reach out for additional information. Gates come in all sorts of styles and abilities. We will tailor the gate to match your existing fence, or the desired fence you are wanting to get installed.

We cam build custom gates in ornamental style, vinyl fences, cedar fencing, and more! We can build custom gates for horse fencing as well!

There are a few different types of gates. You have your traditional roller gates as well as swinging gates. We have the ability to install all of the mechanics to make them automatic or remote controlled as well. These gates can definitely help increase the value of your home as they add an additional layer of security to your home or location. If this is something you have been considering and would like to know more, please call us for fencing Portland today!

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Graber Fence is the best Portland gate installer in the entire area. If you need a gate and fence contractor, we are the one to call. Our fence gate installers are experts and we can build affordable and long-lasting gates for your property, no matter what you need it for. Give our quality fencing Portland company a call today for your free custom fence gate installation quote!

Custom Fence Gate Options

There are many different gate options to choose from and Graber Fence can do it all! Some of the most popular fence gates are made out of wrought iron fencing, but we also do a lot of wooden gates, and other types of gates for farm or horse fencing. See the list below of all the types of gates and fence materials we can use to install a custom gate on our property.

front gates

driveway gates

Garden Gate

Sliding Gate

Wooden Gates

Electric Gates

Metal gates Portland Oregon

Wrought iron fence Portland

Wrought Iron Gates Portland Oregon

Security gates Portland

Custom metal gates

Custom wood gates

Custom vinyl gates

Driveway gate installation contractors

steel gate

metal gates

iron gates

chain link fence gate

automatic gates

metal garden gates

metal fence gate

sliding driveway gate

cedar gates

cantilever gate

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Graber Fence can create a custom fence design using any desired fence material. With years of experience in the fence industry, we know how to design and fabricate personalized custom fences and fence gate solutions for our customers.

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