Horse Fencing

Ponderosa Style Fence

If you are looking to install some horse fencing on your property, look no further than Graber Fence. We are expert horse fence builders in the area and will help you figure out which horse fence is right for you.

When buying horse fencing, there are many options and each type of fence has its own pros and cons, from safety, to cost, to ease of installation. The top type of horse fencing that we install in the Portland and Gresham areas are:

Why Horse Fencing?

Horses are amazing and powerful animals. It is in their nature to bolt and flee when faced with perceived dangers, and this causes them to be at a higher risk than other animals to fence related injuries. Horse fencing is the type of enclosure needed because they are designed to be a barrier that stops them from roaming and can also withstand the impact a horse can cause when pushing against or running into it.

Horse fencing can be used and is compatible with many other livestock and animals including; cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, dogs, rabbits, lamas, etc. Some styles even work great as enclosures for gardens.

Another important benefit is to deter predators from entering a pasture or corral. There are some horse fence styles that meet this need as sell, keeping small pets or animals in or out of the area.

How To Select a Horse Fence

Containing your horse effectively is very important and picking the right style of enclosure should be a priority. Whatever the fence is made of, it needs to be highly visible, resistant to damage by horses, durable, attractive and safe for contact by horses.

Many horses are extremely valuable and that justifies the extra cost of building a fence that is safe, strong and attractive.

When selecting a fence for horses, consider all three of these important functions:

  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Utility

How much importance is placed on each function depends on your budget, the value of the animals, and your priorities. 

Horse Fencing in Portland Oregon

Graber Fence can help you with any of your fencing Portland needs. It’s no wonder why so many people choose us in the Portland Oregon area when are looking for a fence, especially horse fencing.

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