Ponderosa Style Fencing

The ponderosa fence is an amazing horse fence that has been a hot commodity since being rolled out. It differs from the 440 in the fact that the posts are made of ponderosa or cedar and the crossbars are the powder coated tubing. It gives a nice rustic style look to your property or home and is definitely a value increaser with its rustic charm.

The priefert tubing we use starts out as an already galvanized metal before being passed through wash made up of phosphate that cleanses the metal of any and all impurities. This also helps prevent the finish from deteriorating. A conversion coating is then added to strengthen adhesion and then a final layer of powder coated material is passed over the tubing that has a UV resistant enhancement integrated with the coat. This helps lengthen the longevity of color to your fence.

This ponderosa fence will give you everything you are wanting and more. It will keep your livestock and horses safe, as well as be a beautiful displayed addition to your home or ranch. When you call us we can either come out to your property to get an exact measurement or you can give us a rough idea of the linear feet you will be needing to fence in your desired area and we will be able to calculate an estimate over the phone. You also have the ability to upload your drawn layout or pictures of your property for us to get you the most precise estimate.

We have been serving Clackamas and Multnomah county for many years and hope to continue to serve for many more. Please do not hesitate to call our fencing Portland company for any additional questions. We will be happy to serve.